Photo Credit: Bethesda

Just when I thought Fallout 4 couldn’t get any better, Bethesda recently released their Oregon Trail Survival Mode update to Fallout 4. Turns out, it wasn’t anything like I expected.

I was introduced into open world post-apocalyptic games with Mad Max...a game that promised a whole lot, then delivered on almost none of it. At least it was intensely pretty.

Mad Max was a fun game for all of about two weeks...the lack of a truly hard difficulty and the complete and entire exclusion of a procedurally generated wasteland with dwindling resources sapped the fun out of what could’ve been an absolutely awesome game. One could only have but so much fun racing across the barren desert in a jalopy that seemingly can go 100 miles on a jerry can of petrol.


With that disappointment, I put down Mad Max and looked for the next game to capture my heart. Unexpectedly, that game became Fallout 4...a game that sort of started out being a garbage pickup simulator. So, fans complained, and Bethesda delivered (hell, they delivered to Forza too)

Sold, I want Forza 6 now.


Survival mode is the most frustratingly satisfying things I’ve ever witnessed in a game. No Fast Travel, you can (and will) get a disease, you have to eat, you have to drink, you have to sleep, no quicksaving, no regular saving (the only way to save is to send your character to sleep), your immune system sucks, and your health is a LOT more realistic now (read, a Radroach can rock your world now). The list of what Survival Mode does is a mile long.

Basically, what this did was turn Fallout 4 into The Edge of Tomorrow laced with...infection?

Killing a beast? Your infection spread.
Fighting a boss? Your infection spread.
Building a settlement? Your infection spread.
Walking down the road? Fuck you, your infection spread.


Try to sleep only 4 hours? Ha, you’ll still be tired.
Sleep more than 8? You’ll wake up hungry, thirsty, and lethargic!
Stimpack? Well now you’re hungry, dehydrated, and your AP is reloading slower.

I’ve started a fresh game...I’ve played for four hours so far and I’ve only just saved the Minutemen from Concord.


It’s so terrible, I godddammned love it! What’s better is that Survival Mode actually forces you to use elements of the game you didn’t care about before. Now you HAVE to eat irradiated food, you HAVE to build settlements (or at least, beds everywhere), you HAVE to make antibiotics and cook food. Every decision you make will advance you 5 minutes forward...or kill you again, again, again, and again.

Bravo Bethesda, bravo....