So the other day I was home sick, stuck in bed with some level of fever. Thinking about this long term motorcycle project of mine (“long term” is a positive word to actually say “unfinished”) and more specifically about the idea to relocate the gas tank inside the frame, not on top of the frame, for better weight distribution and to free up some space for a larger airbox and provisions for the electricals. And also to justify why this project is not completed yet.

Mental calculation, how to size a fuel pump to bring the juice from the tank to the carburetor... hmmm ... so let’s say ... an ambitious 6,000 rpm, the engine displaces 500 cc every other rotation, 13:1 air to gas ratio ...

6,000 x 0.5 x 0.5 / 13 = 116

I’d need to flow 116 liter per minute ... errr ... the gas tank is about 6 liters, meaning I’d run 3 seconds at full throttle, that can’t be true.


I really had fever, and I’m not too smart to start with, but was I missing .... ? 

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