Fambaly and I are looking at a used, non-ecoboost awd flex tomorrow...

And I’m okay with that! There’s a premium to pay for that ecoboost +80 hp/+100 tq, but this family is coming from a 4-cylinder RAV4 that drives the highway. Do we live in mountains? Well, yes we sometimes go up into them but do you know what? Roads haven’t changed in thirty-five years and farmers towed horses around with not much more than this power in their F-250 and did alright back then. I’m not towing. Were familying with occasional grandparent/friends guests. Well be just fine without that boost and it will feel at least 20% faster just with the power to weight ratio change.


I really wanted a Highlander but it’s driver seats do not like my shoulders. I’m 6-3. I have decent shoulders. The top corners of those seats noticeably push them forward as if Japan is penalizing me for being tall. Forcing a hunch. There is no way I’ll let Toyota Eff with my body again like that. The RAV hardly has a lower lumbar.

Real expectations? Well with as hard as the 4-cylinder RAV worked, we never saw the predicted MPG of 28 and will probably see 2-3 mpg less combined mileage. Big deal. That’s the cost of haulability investment but given what the Flex offers, that mileage ain’t so bad!


Well see! We may love it. We may not. But the wife is a big fan of the not-minivan look and I’m not a fan of the SUV $premium$. Well done Ford!

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