Strolling to a meeting this morning I walked through the office car park. My eye falls on a brand new 5 series. It's a wagon, it's a light metallic brown, 3 litre diesel, six speed manual transmission.

Thing is, being in Italy this is quite a normal combination and barring the colour I see a dozen other ones in the parking lot every day. However I can imagine that a vast swathe of the Jalopnik readership would have stopped dead in their tracks and started tugging feverishly at their man-bits.

A couple of weeks ago I was in New York and nearly every single car I saw was alien, I realised that I would have looked a bit odd taking pictures of a Nissan Sentra so I didn't, but the fact remains that even the most mundane Stateside automobile is pretty special to me.

A random post, I know, but I felt like sharing.