Family Heirloom

When my dad was a teenager he bought a 1964 Comet Cyclone from my uncle. He was 17 or 18 at the time. He drove the car until he met my mom and after they were married she drove it a good bit as he was getting his construction company up and running. Two years after being married I was born. That would be 1974. A year later I made my first major road trip from Seattle to Bismark to see my great grand parents in that car. I spent most of the time standing in the back seat.


Life goes on and the Comet gets parked in a field. It moves from Seattle, to Mineasota, back to Seattle, back to Minnesota one more time on the back of a trailer. It hadn't run since the mid 80s and it spent a lot of time outside.

Three years ago my dad decided it was time to get it back on the road. Bit by bit they got there. Ford crate motor (original blew in the late '60s so we are a long way past being a numbers matching thing), Cragers, a new trunk pan, windshield, chrome, paint, carpet and all that.

Today was the day he brought it home. I can't wait to ride in it again. Someday I'm sure it will end up with us. I've already made sure I have the dimensions to be sure it will fit in our enlarged garage, whenever it happens. Until then, I look forward to taking rides with him and his grandkids. Maybe we can even do the PowerTour with it next year like we planned for this year.

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