I checked my credit report a few weeks ago and noticed a bill had gone to collections. That bill was not mine, but my mom’s. We haven’t talked in years, and having my credit negatively affected by her chronically poor financial choices was a good reminder of why I left my childhood home in the first place.

What really pisses me off is that the bill is for $40 dollars. Forty freakin’ dollars. Paying it is no problem, but that would be accepting the debt as my own, meaning that even after it’s closed the collections account would stay on my record for seven years, visible to anyone who checked my credit. At least that’s what I understand from what I’ve read.

I’ve started the process to dispute it. Two weeks have gone by without a response and I don’t have high hopes. The process is super convoluted, as apparently nothing in writing is considered official and trustworthy unless it’s done via mailed letter. Remind me again what year this is..?


This frustrates me greatly. It’s also why I’ve been dragging my feet on the bike thing. The plan was to take advantage of an interest-free (or close enough to basically be interest-free) loan and finance a bike with the lowest possible down-payment to keep as much cash in the bank as possible, but now I’m leary of attempting that until I fix the collections issue.

[UPDATE] transunion removed the collections account from my credit report just three days after I filed a dispute. That leads me to believe that filing through Credit Karma gave me some extra pull, or at the very least expedited things. Still waiting to hear back from the others, but man. I was not expecting any good news on this front. Now I can get back to vehicle shopping! 

Anyways, have some car content.

My work parking lot is home to a multitude of enthusiast cars.

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My boss drives a gorgeous Mitsubishi GTO. My coworker has an M5. There are multiple Evos, multiple Civic SI’s, V70R, S60R, no less than four Land Cruisers, tons of cool older pick-ups, some new vans outfitted for living/traveling out of, a C63 AMG, and... Lots more. Not bad for a lot that probably holds 70 cars. Oh, and an MT-09, CBR500, etc. Seems like FedEx drivers skew heavily towards enthusiasts based on my time here.

Illustration for article titled Family + money = no fun (update: credit has been fixed!)

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