Family trip rental car planning

My girlfriend’s parents and two more family members are going to be joining us on a trip to San Diego this February so I’m in charge of picking out our rental vehicle. We will have 6 adult passengers and some luggage so I was primarily looking at mini vans from enterprise or whatever. Then I thought duh, why don’t I look at Turo! So I was looking and found a slew of vans on the cheap but then I also found this sweet Lincoln Navigator. Only problem is its older so I was worried about running into mechanical issues or just it being old/beat up. Anyone been around a Navigator of that vintage (2006)? I think the interior would be nicer than a Caravan or similar although the 15mpg it would get for the trip would probably be annoying. But for the rental price and comfort, it’d be worthwhile to ride in style!

Here were other good options at the price point, one being a similarly old Caravan and a newer one as well. The newer Caravan is probably my leading competitor.


The Calabasas one is also like 5 minutes from home so pickup/dropoff becomes 1000x easier but in the end all I care about is getting something that will be maximum comfort without shelling out for it.

So the real question is 2006 Navigator or 2015 Caravan? Which is the better people mover for a long weekend? 

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