Fancy AAA, at your service.

Buddy messages me saying he’s got a flat. He got out of his car and could hear PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssss.... and watched his car sink to one side. Bad valve stem. To the Lexus Mobile!

His car’s trunk also has a water leak, so it completely rusted his jack. It was inoperable once we got 25% of the way up. So we busted out mine, which looks like it had never been used. Smooth as butter. And a handle with little plastic grips. So fancy!

And yes, said car was also my wife’s former Sable.

Anyway, we slap on his donut which was in okay condition. I offered to swap the donut to the rear, but he said nah. He’s just going to drop off the tire at a shop Monday morning in his work truck, and won’t be driving his car until then.

We had a beer and some food, good times had by all. Glad he didn’t get hurt driving on that leak.

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