I needed to pay some money into my bank but as they hadn’t opened yet I ventured down the street to an amazing and historic coffee shop that I’d not been in for years.

John Watt & Son started roasting coffee in the city in Glovers Row, Carlisle back in 1865. The building was later demolished and they relocated to their present location in 1897 where they still roast their own coffee and serve their own blends.

What would a morning be in England without a cup of tea and a full breakfast, it would be wrong, that’s what.

So I settled in, listening to the sounds of regular visitors taking in their daily routine. The waitress seeming to know everyone by their first name. now us English don’t like being called by our first name unless we know the person well for them to do so, so this was a sure sign that these visitors had been coming for some time.

I started off with a J Watt’s Breakfast Tea.


Whilst waiting for my full breakfast to come.

Which I don’t believe took very long at all, I say I don’t believe so as I was too preoccupied taking in the sights of people outside going about their day and the sounds from within the building. Visitors talking, some about Trumps visit and whether he truly is an idiot or fooling others into think so (that’s a whole other subject), well my breakfast duly arrived.


Whilst not my usual portion size (as many of you know I love my food and lots of it), it was the perfect amount to start your day without you having to lay up somewhere to gain energy into going about the rest of your day.

Everything was done just perfectly and now with the tea having stewed a while whilst drinking the first cup allowed for a stronger and fuller flavoured cup of tea. Needless to say I polished off the breakfast and came so close to using my finger to gather up the juices that remained on the plate.


Should you ever visit Carlisle, I implore you to take in the historic sights of the city from the Cathedral, 900+ year old castle, train station, etc... but also John Watt & Son Coffee Shop on Bank Street in Carlisle.


They let me go downstairs and look at the cellar where they’ve got some of the old equipment and stuff (they’ve put up chicken wire around a lot of it but you can still clearly see everything).


Going down the stairs.


The old cellar.

Old equipment from scales to storage, promotional articles to historic memorabilia.


Old biscuit tins from Carr’s Biscuit factory in Carlisle that still makes biscuits to this day and retains it’s old name of Carr’s.

In 1831 Jonathan Dodgson Carr formed a small bakery and received their Royal Warrant in 1841, later becoming the largest baking business in Britain. Originally they made bread by day and biscuits by night and by 1855 they made 128 varieties of biscuit.


In 1914

present day