Three vehicles.

No budgetary, age, or country restrictions.

Must have 1 FWD, 1 RWD, 1 AWD/4WD. BUT...The FWD must have more HP/Torques than the RWD; which in turn must have more than the AWD/4WD. So FWD>RWD>AWD/4WD.

Mods are allowed to meet these conditions. Mods must be real, so magic engine swaps; i.e. No, you can’t put an LS in the front of a Fiat 500.

FWD: 2003 Ford Focus RS; 212 HP/229 Torques


RWD: 2016 Mazda Miata; 155 HP/148 Torques


4WD: Lada Niva; 72 HP/93 Torques