Another week and another tough round of WRC competition. From flat tires to brutal crashes to mechanical failures to sudden inexplicable fires on transits, the rally gods were out for blood on this one. The event also brought excitement in spades as road sweeping duties prevented Ogier from being able to run away with the rally from the very start (a fact which irked him immensely) and gave us an impressive five different leaders over the course of the event. It was only Orlove jinxing Latvala a late puncture for Latvala that allowed the defending champ to take over the lead and cruise home to another minute plus win.

In the fantasy league it was a moderately solid round for most. Hirvonen's fire was felt by everyone as he was on all 21 rosters, and only Marzobomber and Hoccy were fortunate enough to escape with just a single non-scorer on their roster. That said, 14 of the 21 players had both first and second, and ten also had fourth, so most players still scored north of 50.

In the overall Chronchameleon maintains his lead, though Tell A Finn has managed to take a point out of him, the first time in a months that the leader has had less than a ten point cushion. Both should be wary of the man in third, though, as Hoccy has rebounded from his Portugal frustrations and rocketed from seventh to third. Also a threat, Lumpy44 and G17, who currently sit down in eleventh and twelfth respectively, but have artificially low scores due to missing the first round. If we were to drop everyone's worst scores now (as we will in four rounds at WRC Australia), Lumpy would skyrocket up into second place and G17 would be fifth. Watch out, folks.

Big thanks to FreddsterExprs for doing the fantasy preview for Italy while my own rally schedule once again left me indisposed (an issue that looks like it will return yet again for Rally Poland and possibly Rally Finland. Damn these overlapping rally schedules!).

Here's how the top 10 finished in Rally Italia. As always the full standings are on the Google Drive Spreadsheet:

1) Marzobomber - 67
2) Hoccy - 65
3) G17 - 62
3) Tell A Finn - 62
5) Chris Duplessis - 61
5) Chronchameleon - 61
5) Lumpy44 - 61
5) McNewbie - 61
5) Sliding-Sideways - 61
10) Hermann - 58


Overall fantasy top 10 after Rally Argentina:

1) Chronchameleon - 347
2) Tell A Finn - 338
3) Hoccy - 326
4) McNewbie - 325
5) AntMic - 321
6) Dusty Ventures - 318
6) Marzobomber - 318
8) ddavidn - 310
9) Nobody - 308
10) Hermann - 302