I’m watching an episode of Fantom Works, Series 2 Episode 7 on channel QUEST (I think it’s Series 2 Episode 10 on Velocity).

Dan has been asked by Brad to restore his fathers 1967 Mustang Coupe to new condition.

Dan asks him if he wants to do it like he’s mentioned (back to original) because it’s a not very desired car in coupe form and the money being put into it won’t be reflected in the value when he comes to sell it.

Now here’s my issue. Dan is a car restorer, he’s been asked to restore a car to the customers requirements. That is his job. Not to question why he wants it doing.


Dan even says the customer is doing it for sentimental reasons and not practical ones.

So? The customer has said he wants it done to how his dad bought it home, how he drove it for a first car, how it was when he took his now wife on their first date. But the reason is not for Dan, the job is for Dan. The only thing Dan has to concern himself with is, is it possible, can he do it, how much will it cost the customer.

These guys are a-holes. they have staff that say (in this and previous episodes), ‘it’s hard to get enthusiast about a car that has no real value’, etc... IT’S NOT FOR YOU TO BE ENTHUSIASTIC, IT’S YOUR JOB TO GET IT DONE, DONE THE WAY THE CUSTOMER WANTS IT OR TO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH THE CUSTOMERS CONSENT!


You don’t want to do it. Fine, tell the customer no.