Faraday Future FF 91

I like it. A lot. And I don’t even know what you’d call it. It’s a strange new mix; a hatchbackey/wagonish/people carrier thing.


The closest analogy for its shape I can think of is if someone took a Renault Espace and kinda smooshed it down and stretched it out.

The first thing that struck me is how long it is. Those rear seats are back behind the rear doors, and there’s no third row (as far as I know) so rear room must be amazing.


Plus it’s got little cameras instead of mirrors!

I know everyone’s been down on Faraday Future, (probably because they haven’t proven themselves at all [shut up, me]) but I really want them to succeed. Competetion can only help the improvement of EVs,
and I’m crossing my fingers that their tech doesn’t turn out too good to be true.

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