Farewell, 4Runner

Sold: my 4th-gen 4Runner. Lots of good ski trips and not enough good hiking trips under her belt. I’m enough of a sucker to be glad it’s going to a good home. Randomly, the first person who actually came to drive it (after a lot of out of state interest that would have required dealing remotely, shipping, etc.) turned out to be a friend’s coworker in the fire department (my dad was a firefighter too) who seems like a good dude. Thus: friends and family discount applied, and everybody goes home happy.

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One of my dogs will miss it—she is smart enough to pay attention to what keys I pick up and what shoes I put on, and she loves the keys to the hike/park-mobile. I imagine she’ll quickly learn to love it when I grab the keys to the 5th-gen. The other one is actually smarter: she reserves judgment till we go to the front door and she sees which car we’re going in and which dogs are invited.

Good truck. Hope the 5th-gen serves me as well and for longer.

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