Today, one year and three days since I came home with my 1993 Sentra SE-R I had to bid it good-bye. Money troubles had begun afflicting me and my buddy whose backyard I was storing it in said it had to go as he prepared to move out of state. Some calls were made and I found a Nissan specialist who offered me $200 for my crank-walk rust-bucket special, its parts to go to help more complete cars live anew.

Here we got it loaded on my buddys drift-car-tow rig.

Sitting behind his house. Anyone want a non-running $600 nissan hardbody truck?


An absolute unicorn: a 5-speed SE-R transmission that actually has a working 5th gear.


Behold. When a flywheel says “Not for street use” this is what they mean. Super lightweight flywheel with not enough meat on the ring gear to stand up to the amount of use it would get on a daily driver. On the plus side, the Sentra would rev like a motorcycle.


Engine “reinstalled” for transport. Lots of good parts here that will probably end up in a Silvia of some description.

Fare thee well SE-R. What little of your paper-thin ungalvanized sheet metal was left was a damned attractive little coupe that would surprise the hell out of more modern cars. Braap in heaven little Sentra.