Today I sold my 2008 CLK550. I was able to get it from my parents after they bought their C63 AMG vert, and also after I sold my VW TDI back to VW. It only had about 38,xxx miles when i got it, and it now has 41,704 at the time of sale.


Despite it being a perfect car for California and being comfortable and fast; it wasn’t really what I found useful or really that good for long roadtrips. That V8 might make 400hp/400tq, but it chugs gas since the car weighs 3965 lbs....

So with that, I’m on the search for something new. Not sure what yet. I might want an E30 325i, 135i, older TDI, S2000, a volt (yeah, i know, but CA makes it worthwhile), or who knows what else. I still have this ol thing, and it works sporadically/well enough most of the time, so I’m not in a hurry to get a car.

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