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Farewell Oppo

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In light of all that has occurred on OppositeLock, as well as the incredibly insensitive and destructive “investigative journalism” thats being done on the Gawker Media homepage, I find myself increasingly wanting to walk away from this place. I initially stumbled upon Oppo and quickly learned to appreciate it’s unique qualities as a forum for like minded car guys. However over the past few months, people have been increasingly bringing their own personal crusades to this space which has resulted in acrimony and the loss of many valued members. With the post on Gawkers website yesterday (that post), the camels back finally gave way.


I have enjoyed my time on Oppo and have made some wonderful friends. For those of you who have reached out to ask for help with their struggle with depression, it has meant the world to me to have earned your trust. I have gone ahead and removed any ties I had to the gawker media universe, and will no longer regularly check in on here. That being said, I am only ever a FB message (via the FB OppositeTalk Group) or email message away if you are in need of help. My email is Be well Oppo.

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