Frank Grimaldi is The Man, but you would never know this by meeting him. He's friendly and jovial and happy to show you around his one of a kind Camaro steeped in American racing history. But once he gets into his car fugeddaboutit.

His car is a 302 cubic inch V8 single 4 barrel carb'd 1968 Chevy Camaro that's never seen a patch of a public road in its long life. He takes care of it but doesn't baby it. It's a Race Car, and it's for racing. So what happens to Frank once he gets behind the wheel at Thompson Speedway's new 1.7 mile road course quite a transformation.


Instantly its 1968 again. This is the final race of the Trans Am series, and he needs to win to take home the championship. His one and only mission today is to drive the wheels off his Camaro. So watch the video, because Frank "Flat Out" Grimaldi does just that.