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Fastest 1/4 mile times by engine family

I know there are a lot of people on here who couldn’t care less about drag racing, but I thought it would be interesting to compile a short list of the quickest 1/4 mile times achieved by each major engine family. I limited it to modern engine families that have gone 6's or better (too lazy to look into SBC, BBC, Hemi, old school Ford records). This was just a fun exercise in record compiling.

- JZ engine: 5.707@253mph - Flores
- Ford Mod Motor: 5.88@240mph - Mihovetz
- Nissan VG engine: 6.065@228mph - Lazcano
- Nissan VQ engine: 6.089@241mph - Scott Porter
- GM LS engine: 6.11@232mph - David Adkins
- Rotary engine: 6.14@228mph - Jesus Melendez
- Nissan VR: 6.211@230 - Scott Porter
- GM Ecotect I4: 6.296@222 - Carl Brunnet
- Mitsubishi 4G63: 6.52@206mph - Extreme PSI
- GM Ecotect V6: 6.523@215mph - Summit Racing
- Honda C engine: 6.525@210mph - AEM
- Volvo 2.5 I4 engine: 6.615@209mph - Eriksson Racing
- Toyota RZ engine: 6.659@212mph - Paradise Racing
- Nissan SR engine: 6.687@207mph - Sidchrome Racing
- BMW S50 engine: 6.72@208mph - Mattias Stenstrom
- Honda F engine: 6.749@203mph - Race Tactics
- Dodge Gen III Hemi: 6.9@201mph - Rob Goss


I’m sure I missed a bunch, but that’s good enough for me.

If there are any that I missed, please let me know. I could have sworn that Scott Porter ran a 6 flat with a VQ engine this last Fall, but I can’t find it now.


EDIT: Found the video where Scott Porter went 6.089@241.89 and totally forgot about the VG30 time that Lazcano racing ran.

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