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Fastest Speeding Ticket?

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So, last week I was driving to one of my friends homes for a small get-together of friends, I was on a pretty deserted highway I use to get to his place because it is much shorter distance and it involves no bumps or stoplights.


I was driving and around a quarter of the way there I start getting harrased by some douche in a white current-model 3 Series into moving out of the fast lane, since I could see a slower car not even 100 meters in front on the right lane, I decided to move over after overtaking said car, but he wouldn’t have it; on the 10 seconds it took to pass the slow car he flashed his lights and even tried to overtake me in a non-existent gap in the right lane, almost crashing into the slower car that was there and going into the emergency lane to avoid him.

So I decided this idiot was getting a bit of a lesson from my Z on what an acually fast car looks like, so I accelerated up to about 160 kph (100 mph), he started dropping off, but was very much still able and willing to try to catch and pass me, so I took it up another notch (120+ mph) until after a while I could not see him anymore, so I relaxed the pace a little into more cruising speed and went on my merry way, cruising at what turned out to be around 190 (110+ mph as indicated) (over the speed limit, but no cop will pull you over for this)


About 1 km before where I was turning off I see a cop, so I decide to step down closer to the 80kph speed limit, I pass him and shortly after he flashes his lights and signals for me to pull over, after all the introductions and documentation and so on, I ask why he is pulling me over...

He looks blankly at me for a second and responds: I clocked you at over 180 kmh...

My face when I remembered that the Z has the speedo on mph and I was actually going 120 mph, by the time I braked when I saw the cop I was still going over 100 kmh (60 mph) over the speed limit without noticing.

So, that leaves me wondering Opponauts, how fast have you’ve been clocked by a member of the 5-0?


I’m also curious at how that impacts the legal and financial consecuences where you live, because for us, you get fined the same way when you go 20 kph over the speed limit, no matter how much over than 20 kph you were going.


EDIT: Apparently the post as was written confused some people into saying that I was trying to trick you all into thinking I broke the laws of physics by V-Maxing a 350Z in public roads in the third world, that is not what happened and I hope it is clearer to read now.


I apologise for the confusion, around 97% of you didn’t get confused so I would hope it’s not so bad, I was rushing to the story so people wouldn’t get bored halfway through it and actually read it.

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