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Fastest You've Ever Been in a Car?

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A funny conversation with a woman who owns a CLS63 AMG earlier today made me think of the fastest car I've been in, how fast we were going, and how I ended up in the damn car. I'll pose the same query to you. Tell us all the details.


Unfortunately, I have to be a little bit of a hypocrite here. All I can tell you is that I was in a 2010 Ford Taurus SHO test mule in EARLY 2009 (before anyone saw it or test drove it), and the driver got it up to 145 MPH on the highway. It wasn't a Ferrari, or a Viper, or even a muscle car; it was a twin turbo'd family sedan. I'd give you more details, but it might get said driver fired. Sorry.

So what is the fastest you've ever been in a car, what kind of car was it, and why ("for the lulz" is not an acceptable answer)?

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