Fat Tony is at it again, this time he's excited about the Cadillac ELR

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Yesterday my coworker Fat Tony very excitedly showed me this used Cadillac ELR for sale at a Toyota dealer here in town. He thought it was a screaming bargain. “It gets like 80 mpg and it’s only $47k!”


I tried to tamp down his enthusiasm a bit. I told him it’s a gussied up Chevy Volt and GM can’t sell them to save their lives.


Later in the day he wanted to talk about it more. He was still really excited about it. “It’s not just a Chevy Volt, it’s got a version of the powertrain from the Chevy Volt, but it’s better.

He told me the ELR is also great because “GM took a concept car and then sold that exact concept car to the public!” I didn’t bother to try and argue about how while it looks similar to a concept, it’s not the concept.


“They only made 1300 of them! They only built them for 2014 because it’s a limited edition.”

I told him the only reason they made that few is because nobody wanted to buy them, because who would when they could get a Tesla Model S for similar money? I also told him GM is now trying to clear out the remaining stock by slashing prices.


His response: “I thought Tesla only makes sports cars.” He didn’t know what a Model S is and had no idea that Tesla now makes full size sedans (well, hatchbacks) and has been doing so for a couple years now.


I also tried and failed to explain that the “mpg” on the GM Voltec-equipped cars is kinda weird because the gas engine isn’t connected to the wheels and only is a generator for the electric motor. (EDIT: because it’s MPGe which is not the same as MPG.)


So, he still is all excited about how this $47k lightly-used ELR is such a great deal, because it gets “80 mpg” and “is a concept car.”

Keep on keepin on, Fat Tony.

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