So a friend and I have decided we want to make some AutoArt to sell. Engine block tables, Cam Lamps, Etc. Well he needed to get a part for his car from a junkyard and wanted my help extracting it, so it was a perfect opportunity to start picking. I had a timer set on my phone when an hour was up. This place is a candyland to people like me.

Yes I’m removing an intake manifold while he is searching for spare change in the car. He actually found $4.00 in quarters. Bonus points for recognizing the car.

Now for the finds. Please pardon the mess that is my garage, the house is under construction so stuff is everywhere.


All this for the price of the intake manifold he needed. I will be going back to this junkyard again with a prybar as I found a 70s Buick Sklyark with what looks to be BBC under the hood that is jammed shut.

But we weren’t done for the day one CL find later a 2.8L Chevy V6 was found for the cost of a case of beer. Say hello future table.


And if you remember a few weeks ago the blurred out car from the BBQ, well she finally announced she had it so here is the unedited version.


And then it was Fathers day. Spent the day with my lilun and ended up changing a tire on the CX9 in the rain, to a flat spare. At least I lived close to where the car was. Plugged the tire and everything is happy.

I’ll be sure to post pictures as I tear down the engine for the table. As well as the other items that end up being created.