As some of you may know, as of recently I’m a father to a baby girl (holy shit, she’s 6 months old today).

About the FP article about women paying more transit costs linked above….the article itself getting light made me hopeful, as did some of the initial comments. But then I kept digging. Things I read people say/imply –

- It’s equally shitty or worse to go through life worrying about being accused of rape, than to go through life worrying that you might get raped

- Study focused on upper middle class women, so maybe they use alternatives to the train at night purely for convenience (why at any higher rate than men of the same socioeconomic class???)


- Study focused on rich people who do this for convenience, so for non-rich people this really isn’t a problem ( seriously, you think poor people live safer lives than those in safer communities???)

As men we are pretty shitty at telling other men to cut it out when they’re being assholes. Was true in grade school, is true now. An overwhelming majority of the people being sexually abused are women. An overwhelming majority of the people doing the abusing are men. Yes there is some population of false claims that deserve attention and punishment. But putting that ahead of the rest…well, I guess it’s par for the course in a male dominated world.


Every day I hope that the world will be a more equal and less dangerous place for women by the time my kid is venturing in to it on her own. Every day I am made less hopeful of that through my observations too. And of course we now have a president in the oval office championing this whole mens right movement and how tough it is being a guy. FFS.