Ok, the post of the old Bronco got me thinking about some of the cool old decal sets that were popular from the 70's to the 80's and had me trying to decide which were my favorites (don’t think I could choose a single favorite).

Here are some that I always remember and like. What are some of the oppoverses favorites?

GMC Diablo, there was a similar option on the Chevy El Camino called the Conquistador, but I prefer the devil decal to the conquistador head.

The Brat and other Subarus had quite a few decal options. I chose the Brat because I want one.


The big three all had various packages on their trucks. There was the design on the Bronco posted earlier. GM had their Macho truck stripe packages. Dodge could probably be credit with starting the trend with “the Dude” package. It’s even cooler because you could get the trucks in Sublime, Plum Crazy, and Bright turquoise.

Even better, for a celebrity endorsement they went straight to the man that epitomized bad-ass for the time Don Freakin Knotts!


These are just a few of my favorites. I love the Pontiac firechicken but didn’t include it since we all probably know what it looks like. I also really like the Dodge Little Red Express and Warlock but left them out because they were more than just stickers.