Inspired by this post on headlight wipers, I thought I’d ask Oppo about one of my favorite personal car quirks: programming / adjusting / resetting things with crazy sequences of buttons. Much like unlocking a cheat mode in a video game (up-down-up-down-left-right-... you know), many cars have funky ways of resetting the service reminder, or changing a particular setting, like intermittent wiper timing.

My favorites: My 2001 Suburban had automatic headlights, and to turn them off you could either just hit the switch, OR you could press the dome light kill button 4 times consecutively. I discovered this on the highway one night, as I am a fiddler. I was just pressing the dome light kill button now and then, and I eventually hit it 4 times in a row fast enough that I hear a nice GM “BONG” and my headlights shut off. I quickly hit the main switch off and back on, but I was a little confused, you might say.

The ‘01 Suburban had a fun way to reset the oil counter too, something like hitting the gas pedal to the floor 5 times before starting it.

Lastly, my BMW has a programmable rear wiper, here’s the procedure: Turn on rear wiper and immediately turn off. Count the number of seconds, from 1 to 25, to set the interval. At the appropriate number of seconds, turn wiper back on and leave it. Your interval is now set. Until you shut off the car, that is. I mean, I appreciate the ability, but what’s wrong with the standard dial-type setting like any other adjustable intermittent wiper I’ve used.

I know that car also has a way to access all kinds of info through the OBC display in the dash, like a secret door... I can’t remember how to access it but it’s a treasure trove of information. One thing you can’t get, though? OBDII codes.

So oppo, what are your favorite electronic quirks, procedures, easter eggs, or cheat codes?