Agrajag asked for our favorite photos of 2015 that we took ourselves. Here are some of mine. (Sorry about the watermarks. I’m just pulling them from my photography Facebook page.)

Duesenberg Mormon Meteor at the Duesenberg Thunder Run:

1952 Buick Super:

That time I got to ride shotgun in a Duesenberg Indy Car while racing other Auburns, Cords, and Duesenbergs down a runway:


My best night shot ever:


Duesenbergs entering a country club in a full downpour:

Buick Wildcat concept car, taken with my ancient Canon 30D(?) Rebel when my regular 5D was at Canon for repairs.


A starry sky from last winter:


And of course, my boy, who is currently whining. Better get going.

So what are your favorite shots of 2015?