FB Marketplace: Round 1 (updated)

I’ve never used Facebook Marketplace, but decided I’d give it a try as another avenue to search for Volvo parts. I was browsing around when suddenly:

A set of 16" Icarus wheels. These remind me of some of the old vintage rally wheels, and since i have some plans for the 8-Fiddy I thought I’d snag them. At $100, I’m practically losing money by NOT buying them!!!


Here’s how the transaction has gone (so far):

Wednesday morning: See wheels, message seller telling him I’m interested.

Wednesday evening: He wants to meet then, I tell him I can’t because of class, can we do it the next night? He agrees.


Thursday evening: I get stuck at work late AND have an awful migraine, I message him and apologize, saying I can’t meet that night but I still want them, tell him I’m free pretty much all weekend. He says Friday night is good. I pass out.

Friday morning: I ask him when and where should we meet?

Friday evening: I ask him if we’re still on?

*At this point I’ve figured he thinks I’m a flake because I wouldn’t do the original night and then couldn’t do the rescheduled night. I feel bad about this but have no other way to convince him I’m legit.


Saturday morning: I remind him I’d still like to buy the wheels and tell him that I’m free until noon, and all day Sunday.

Today at noon: He randomly asks me when I can come get the wheels. I tell him I’m free anytime after 5 PM. If that doesn’t work I can do any night this week except Wednesday.


So there we are. Still no response. Maybe I’m gonna get a set of wheels?

In other 8-Fiddy news, I put tag light bulbs in and did both rear shocks today. I also tracked down my exhaust leak and broken exhaust hangar and came up with a strategy to fix them. I’ll get that done tomorrow night and go for the re-inspect early Tuesday morning.


Update: seller just sent me a message with his phone number, said "please text me tomorrow, I always forget to check my messages on here." This is all starting to make more sense. 

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