My dad bought this 85 RX7 and decided he didn’t like it, didn’t even take it home with him. It’s been at my house ever since we picked it up. So I threw it on the road and have been fixing it up. First step, out with these:

And in with these:

I also replaced the spark plugs too. I have two 4 pin HEI modules and enough stuff to make some 8mm Taylor leads. It will be a direct fire hei setup. For now though, it’s just upgraded coils and new plugs. The old plugs weren’t in too bad of shape.

Next up a fuel filter:


Look where they mount the fuel filter, it’s not protected too well. Oh well.


I managed to change the filter and not get gas in my arm pit (the writeups I found all said you will. (I see I could use some sway bar bushings out back). Look at what came out of my fuel filter:


That’s about it for now. I realize I don’t have a good shot of the whole car. Hopefully I’ll get some good ones over the weekend. Have a mazda meet in central NY I’m going to.