Oh hi owner, I see that we’re going to the airport. Oh, you’re running late for a flight? Fuck you here’s a low oil pressure light!

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Epilogue: Pretty much no line at security, so I’m at my gate with half an hour to spare.

Full Story: 2013 Outback 2.5i with 73k. No history of oil consumption. We were on the way to the airport to drop me off for a flight and the light came on about 5 miles from the airport and 15 miles from home. I didn’t want my wife chancing driving back that far so we swung by a Walmart for a some sweet sweet 0W20. There was still some oil on the dip stick, so I’m not to worried about any damage. We haven’t seen any evidence of leaks, so I’m thinking consumption. Chunked in an entire quart bottle and it settled at just over the full mark. Also left a spare quart in the car.


Last oil change was done by me at home at 69k on December 24. Intervals are 6k. (Subaru originally called for 7.5k but nobody was getting there without oil consumption, so part of their solution was to drop the recommended interval by 1500 miles.) So it looks like either the oil I used doesn’t hold up as well or this motor is starting to consume oil. When I get home I’ll get in touch with the dealer about it. I think Subaru covers these to 100k as a result of a class action lawsuit about this issue, but we purchased an extended warranty with the car until 6 years/100k on the drivetrain so we’re still covered anyway. Honestly, though burning a quart of 0W20 every 3,000 miles is not a major problem. But since it is a known issue, it is probably worth getting sorted in case it could turn into a quart every 1k.

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