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FCA Dealer Show Rumor roundup: Trackhawk info, New Wrangler, etc

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FCA’s big dealer only show is going on in Vegas. Here is what I’m hearing from my pals there. All phones are confiscated so they have to remember what they can and report when they have a break.


Everyone is CRAZY EXCITED about what they were shown. So here we go:

Trackhawk Grand Cherokee was there. Sounded insane. 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, 700hp, starting at $79,999.


New Jeep Grand Wagoneer - competing with the likes of Land Rover, etc. Likely high end SUV, so great.

New Chrysler full size SUV, looked awesome. Durango size-ish, great design..can’t wait. Even had stow-and-go

Dart R/T and Dart GLH - and the turbo engine (no details) will be available in all trim levels. Best part? Dart GLH starts below $20k. 1.8 turbo hurricane engine On darts.

New Jeep Compass looks good.

New Dodge ram pics were neat, some of the new packages are nice too. The NEW Power Wagon.. holy ****... awesome looking and was on 37’s. 37’s won’t be on the production version, but it’ll have 35’s. Looks like the Ram Rebel on steroids.

Even the mini-van looked so much less mini-van ish but still very well designed.

The Dodge ‘Cuda looked good, they had one made in a convertible. Not sure that one will see production, but lighter and smaller than Challenger. (7/8 scale)

New Challenger ADR (American Drag Racer) release was crazy with 315’s on all 4 corners. Rumors of 1000hp?? The unveiling had it coming out of a cage. Ha!

Challenger T/A was a sweet road course car.. upgraded suspension, no rear seat... blacked out top graphics...

Charger Daytona with a 340 Hemi???

They have an SRT Durango in B5 Blue!!

One of the biggest surprises was the NEW CHARGER. Looks like the 99 concept... but so much better. I can’t wait until that hits.

Other notables were the 4500 promaster concept, some Alpha Romeos, which were impressive and Fiats like the 124 Spider and an SUV. Maseratti has some hot cars too.

Biggest surprise at the end though was seeing the new 2017 Wrangler. Not a big departure from the JK, but I’d say it shares nothing with the JK.

*I apologize for any errors above, I’m literally copying and pasting the info I’m getting*

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