And its with betting on their money makers: Jeep, Ram, SRT products and American Muscle and having cars that are long in the tooth. Don’t get me wrong. I love it just as much as you guys. Hell I would even buy one. But from a corporate perspective, long term, that gift horse is going to come back and bite them. Take for a moment to consider the position each brand is in.

Chrysler, which I consider as THE brand of FCA is in a terrible position as I have pointed out before. With the loss of the 200 its just a 2 vehicle line up: the recently introduced Pacifica and Pacifica Plug in Hybrid, and the still competitive but old 300. The 300 still sells pretty good. Last year it sold a little over 53 thousand units. Pretty good considering its pretty much the only big RWD V8 powered American luxury sedan on the market. But if FCA’s recent product plan from last year is in indication, the lineup is going to stay the way it is for awhile. From what I saw, nothing new for the 300 through the end of the decade and on into 2020. There had been rumors that it was going to use some form of the Pacifica’s platform but I would take that with a grain of salt. There were also shown in product plans some sort of large crossover for Chrysler, but nothing has been said about that.

Dodge’s lineup is way healthier than Chrysler, but in reality every single vehicle they have that’s currently on sale is old. And considering where we are now in 2017 it looks like their product plan isn’t being followed. On top of that most of Dodge’s sales are bolstered by the old but fantastic and insane Charge/Challanger and their V8 variants. Mostly everything needs a redesign or a refresh here.


Jeep and Ram as we all know are the cash cows for FCA and this is where they have been putting all their money lately. So technically there’s no problem here. But...

If you notice, outside of the Fiat 500e and the Pacifica Plug in, the company as a whole has no other EV’s or Hybrids. Not only that, but with the failure of the 200/Dart, they have seemed to all but given up the small car/midsize game, which would have been great for a plug in or a hybrid.


Look I want FCA to do good by Chrysler. They have been my favorite brand since I was a kid. And with their history the past 25 or so years of getting screwed by Daimler and Cerberus they need to succeed. But the way Sergio is doing things makes me think otherwise. Gas wont be cheap forever. When it goes back up, they wont be able to look to Ram and Jeep to save them, nor to their performance Dodge models. They need to get their shit together or we will see Chrysler go down again. And this time, I don’t think they’ll be getting back up.