FCA is Literally a Joke

You know those jokes that in heaven the food is Italian, the cars German and the police British and in hell the food is British, the cars are Italian and the police are German? (or something to that effect)

Well, enter FCA who have apparently committed to this joke.

Jeep/RAM’s head is a man named Michael Manley, who is British. Because, the British know offroad vehicles and trucks really well. (Land Rover obviously is the exception, but whatever)


The head of Fiat is Olivier François, because who better to run the Italian arm of the company than a Frenchman. He was previously the head of the Chrysler brand and did such an awesome job of making that brand into a powerhouse that they promoted him.

Head of Powertrain Coordination is Robert Lee which... wow. OK.

Chief Purchasing Officer, Scott Thiele who previously worked for Whirlpool, because if your customers view your products as appliances, so should you.

Finally the gentleman in charge of sustainability, Alessandro Baldi. Because, everything about this guy’s look says he knows current and future trends.

Look out future!

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