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The screaming popularity of CUVs and SUVs have caught the attention of top luxury automakers as of late. With Bentley, Rolls Royce and even Lamborghini making stellar entries, the luxury SUV market is a tough place to be today.


And now, Ferrari will make one too - the Purosangue. To differentiate itself form the pack, the CTO Michael Lieters told reporters that Ferrari has announced an unconventional approach to their SUV. But details on the SUV are still scarce.

This comes as a surprise after Sergio Marchionne, the previous head of FCA, vowed that Ferrari would never make an SUV.

This speaks to the ambition of Michael Manley, the new head of FCA. Since Marchionne conveniently stepped down due to a “health condition”, Manley has been making some changes. To take Ferrari in a bold new direction, it is rumored that Manley has summoned a demon army to do his bidding. Unverified reports claim that because of how fast Enzo Ferrari is turning in his grave, Manley has trapped his spirit in a what’s essentially a centrifuge.

That brings us to today’s big announcement. Effective immediately and retroactively, all new SUVs and Cross overs made by the FCA will now be called Poorosangues. FCA SUV and Cross over owners should also expect a recall notice for their cars, so that they can be correctly re-badged as Poorosangues.


This controversial decision was made to cement the exclusivity that the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue offers and differentiates it from all other SUVs, whether they’re competing with Ferrari or not.

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