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FCA's Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Help me Oppo! I tried to list out every current FCA model that uses electric motors but I only have three so far (one of which isn’t out).

Fiat 500e: All-Electric, 121 city/103 highway mpge


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: PHEV, (30 miles electric) 80 mpge city estimated

Ferrari LaFerrari: Hybrid, 12 city/16 highway mpg (not even an equivalent figure, just straight up miles per gallon).

I must be missing several. That or Sergio’s plan all along was to merge with GM, take their Volt and Bolt tech as well as EV credits. Why else would they turn down mergers with other unnamed manufacturers? It wasn’t about the money, it was about the batteries and the fact that FCA would actually have to rebuild every vehicle on all new electrification capable platforms!


That or GM has a Keurig in their breakroom.

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