To me the EvoX MR BBS rims have always been a thing of OEM beauty. Euro-inspired large mesh design with a deep central lug pocket, massive BBK clearance if you so require, and weighing in at a scant 19lb each.

It triggers double or triple takes because you go like

“Oo nice Euro rims”

“...but it’s on a Japanese car so they must be reps...”

“...but wait they’re BBSes...real ones...”


Drove 2 hours south and 2 hours back to get these babies, all the while dreading the possibility that they just wouldn’t look right once installed. The OEM tires (245/40) had to be changed for 215/40s, but after that they fit like a really good glove. No rubbing at all when cornering or turning, and i’m lowered about an inch.


However the larger size accentuates the fact that the front bumper is higher than the skirts, so I’ve now got an OEM lip on order to rectify that problem. It’s weird that the front wheels ended up pointed slightly toward the camera in all of these shots.


In a previous related post I (poorly) photoshopped the EvoX rims in a black chrome, but I’m not sure if that’s really necessary now. I’ll probably stick with the original color for now and see how I feel as I go along.


Shoutout to the commenters in that post who left some great suggestions! Things I’m planning to follow up on:

- A period-correct second set of rims for shows like Radwood

- Dream of shoehorning R34 GTR rims into a wide body add-on