So I've finally gotten around to taking some (potato) pictures of my February haul.

Was having real trouble with KMart exclusives until I found an apparently untapped supply about 30 miles from home. My girlfriend suggested we stop in and check out this location's supply while we were nearby, and lo and behold...

There was the white M3 I'd wanted so badly. In addition:

...the blue 620 and the yellow 2000GT.


I also found the purple XB Falcon, but I chose not to take a picture of that one by itself.

I didn't know these were available, so when I saw them I immediately grabbed them. I have another of the M1 from the mid 80's in a metallic blue with lightning bolt of my favorite cars.


I also received a Nova wagon from Volvosaurus-Rex on trade. I promise the white M3 trade will be on it's way this week!

My awesome girlfriend had been keeping her eyes open for a Firebird (edit) with the screaming chicken, but we hadn't seen it anywhere. Off to ebay she went...and I received this the weekend before last:


...and then she found another, which I thought was particularly special. It's a Matchbox Model T delivery truck with a New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale paint job, which absolutely blew me away.

Honestly I'm surprised the handle remained intact during shipping.

I've got some extras that I picked up for OHWEP. I'll post those later today.