February Truck Maintenance

Took advantage of the rain last night that washed away all the road salt, and used the opportunity to fiddle with the throttle stop position on the truck, in the hopes of fixing the TPS/idling/surging/transmission hunting issues. Good news, it worked! Perfectly smooth driving in both stop/go city and 70mph highway. Shift points are working correctly, and it holds gear properly now.

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She’s a filthy girl at the moment, I’ll probably give her a good scrubbing next month when the snow and ice is over for the season. Those little marks visible on the tires are just streaked snow flakes, it was flurrying off and on while I was out.

Drove over to the local Harbor Freight to pick up a couple of their Viking battery chargers, as there is a coupon to get them for $23 apiece. The Optima deep cycle AGM battery in the truck is now warm and cozy, hooked up to the charger for reconditioning over the next few weeks. I’ll tell you what, that battery is a trooper. Got it back around 2006. 13 years later and even after a month of sitting in the dead of winter, started the truck without issue.

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