That is a screenshot from a $45 million dollar grant that DOE announced last week to make vehicles lighter, better and/or more-fuel-efficient. While I believe it is important to invest in R&D and that the government has a role in this, which is mainly to get out of the way from a regulatory perspective, seeing DOE just give money to automakers angers me.

Automakers are coming off the "BEST MONTH IN CARS SALES SINCE WE STARTED SELLING CARS" yet the government feels it's in a position to hand over money to automakers? Because, government is flush with cash...*rolls eyes*

I don't want this to turn into a bailout debate, but am I the only one that feels a little salty to see announcements like the one above come on the same day automakers are out flaunting billions in projected profits to their shareholders?

Link to DOE projects:…