So, I received the pleasure of getting a call from FedEx this morning, which was an eye-opening experience into how a company can be, for lack of a better term, completely moronic when it comes to operating hours and their pick up location.

For starters, they called me to let me know that my apartment doesn’t exist. Considering the fact that I’m currently sitting in it, that would be an untruth. In any case, I advised them that yes, my apartment is real, and that the codes for ringing an apartment in my building just requires you to put a 1 before the suite number when dialing (which is pretty clear on the board). Okay, they’d try again, but as a heads up, the package was quite large and couldn’t just be left, it had to be signed for. My girlfriend and I are both out during the day, so I told them to keep it at the depot, and I’ll pick it up.


This brings me to the next point, and my main one: if you’re at work during the times where FedEx is delivering, odds are you’re not going to be able to make it to their depot during their Monday through Friday, nine to five-thirty hours. So, unless you have an excellent boss (like me), or you decide to take a day off, you don’t get your package. Unless, of course, you go on Saturday, during which they’re open from nine to one. Which, considering the fact that most people will only be free during this time, is probably a garbage idea.

In any case, suppose your schedule works out (or you sacrifice a day’s pay, because spoiler warning, this might take a full day) and you’re now able to go to FedEx. Great! Where’s the spot to pick it up?

Pictured: a location beyond the intersection of goddamned and nowhere

Yeah, the place is in the middle of nowhere. It’s far enough out that you actually have to drive past the jail (Motto: Somehow safer than Regina!), along with pretty much everything else in order to get to it. It’s a twelve minute drive from where I live if a train doesn’t get in the way, or if you don’t have access to a car, it’s an hour bus ride. And I’m on a bus route that goes straight to the downtown bus stop, which means that time might be a lot longer for some people. And the one bus that goes up that way from downtown comes once every half hour during the week, and once an hour on the weekend, so if you’re planning on going on a Saturday, good luck!


In any case, all of this goes to say that FedEx hours are stupid, and while it makes sense for a shipping company to be a little further out from the city centre, come on, FedEx, I don’t want to take a day trip to pick up a package. If you don’t own a car, or can’t manage (or afford) to take time off work, then FedEx might as well print a middle finger on their delivery notice. From this experience, I’ll take Canada Post any day, even if they did take twice as long to ship my moving boxes to me.

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