That’s Fedex next day delivery which is 30+ hours after the item is requested for pickup that it is, then it’s next day delivery.

That’s shipping information sent to 9:47, Monday. Picked up by Fedex at 16:29 (THE FOLLOWING DAY), Tuesday.

Granted they are only a set of car mats but to get from Morecambe to Carlisle (68 miles away), they’ve gone: 


Morecambe to Chorley, 37.4 miles,

Chorley to Newcastle, 147.3 miles,


Newcastle to Carlisle, 58.2 miles,

242.9 miles total.


I suppose I shouldn’t be aggrieved after all, yes it is past 48 hours that the mats were ordered for next day delivery and it is in the second day, but Fedex haven’t had them for 48 hours because it took them 30+ of those hours to pick up the ruddy things.

Saying that. I still haven’t got them yet. 

Rant over, have some chocolate.