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Feedback Wanted - 60 Second Automotive News

Hey Oppo, Will here. After a few episodes of 60 Second Automotive News, I wanted to get some feedback. Here’s a link to the first (3) in playlist format, new one was posted last night.

Already got some good feedback on audio, something I should always pay closer attention to. The goal for these was to produce them quickly, so I’m just using an iPhone 7 on a tripod, but I can pull out the Rode mic or at least a lapel mic.


I’ve intentionally tried to vary the location for each one with the, likely unattainable, goal of doing each episode on a different spot. I considered building out a desk space at home, would consistency be better?

Ideally it will serve as a succinct summary of the week’s news for those who don’t have time to browse Autoblopnik-type sites all week like we do; but with a bit of an enthusiast (and hopefully humorous) slant since it’s RFD.



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