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Oppo just sort of strikes me as a place I can just do this, right? As you can see, it’s an insulated door. 18 x 7 feet. I attached aftermarket LED lights for wood working projects (You can never have too many clamps or too much light). It’s got a rubber belt on a Chamberlain lift that hooks into wifi and an app on my phone. Also a pad outside to open with a code. I love having that. It’s a good door. Added when I built the garage in 2015. Today the garage is clean as it’s been in a while. Friday I have the ceiling spray foamed so I have to move all the tools and stuff back. Also on the door are two ‘i voted’ stickers and a self made quote “the slower you go, the faster and better it shall be done -unless you’re driving a fun car”. Again... this is for my woodworking projects.


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