Hey Jalopniks, I have a problem and maybe you have what it takes to point me in the right direction.

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I have a car, namely a 2004 BMW E46 M3 (see above). This particular car also has a supercharger and associated paraphanelia, including a front-mount intercooler behind the (stock) radiator with the air-pushing duties being handled by the stock fan setup (electric out front, mechanical in the engine bay). Usually, this setup is adequate for most situations, but when temperatures get up above 90 or so things start to get roasty. I can’t run the a/c and if I get stuck in stop and go traffic I risk having to pull over and pop the hood for a few minutes. Running up steep mountains into higher altitudes (8000' or so) results in similar roastiness.

My question is in regard to increasing the cooling capacity of the car? What is the cheapest, bestest (meaning cheapest) way to make this problem go away? Can I just get a higher CFM fan to replace the stock electric? Do I need a higher capacity radiator ($$$)? Does anyone have relatable experience and or insight?

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