Feeling kinda stoopid right now...

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Yesterday was a good, productive day. Instead of bumming around the house until it was time to go to work, as I usually do, I paid all my bills, went to the bank and ran all sorts of other errands. Work was fine, but as soon as all of my coworkers left for the night, before their chairs could even get cold, we had a 100, our internal code for an accident of some sort.


No big deal - I got it all handled, got police, EMS and accident investigators to the scene, rerouted drivers to get the stranded passengers, moved trips between drivers, etc. It’s almost becoming routine. Whilst texting one of the coworkers that had left earlier I noticed a text from a favorite thrift store regarding one of their great 50-75% off everything sales starting Saturday morning. You’ve all seen my posts from these sales - high-end Pioneer reel-to-reel tape deck for $5, Bose QC25 noise-cancelling headphones for $4, etc. I’d be a fool to miss one if these sales.

At this point I decide to stay up from 0300 until 0700 when the store opens. I pop 200mg of caffeine and then spend the next few hours wandering around Walmart, then a nice grocery store, before heading to the thrift store. I get over there with just a couple minutes to spare, ready to spend a little bit of that OT/holiday and surprise COLA money on this last paycheck. That’s when I notice that the lights are not on and the parking lot is completely empty. WTF?


At this point I reread the text. Nowhere in it does it say that the sale starts at 0700. They always have in the past so I just assumed that this one would as well. Bzzzt - wrong answer. 18 miles later I’m back at home, ready to get some sleep for the first time in 21 hours. Unlike last weekend I have 48 hours off and don’t need to be back in the office until 1800 Monday. Hopefully I can actually get a few things done this weekend instead of sleeping it away like I did last week. If all goes well I might actually try to move that monster TV I got a couple of weeks ago and take it for a spin. I figure that FSX on a 42" screen about 24 inches from my face should be a pretty immersive experience, so I guess that I’d better grab some barf bags...

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