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Feeling the Land Rover itch once again...

Years back I had 2006 LR3 SE with the V6 for a few years and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately as it was relatively new at the time (2008), it didn’t have much in the way of non-OEM support. I ended up getting rid of it after yet another (now solvable) problem.

While I presently have a 2004 land cruiser, it has 210k miles and I would like something newer, which lead me to looking at LR4s, specifically 2012+.


While I don’t get to off road as much as I want to, I do enjoy exploring Forest roads and getting off the beaten path. It also snows like hell here, and capability in blizzards is appreciated. The HD package would be ideal, but my LR3 didn’t have it, and was fine.

If I got a 2012-2013, which seemed to have the issues with the 5.0l sorted by then, it would be cheaper than a newer one, but it would be tough to find one with an HD package.


If I got a 2014+, an HD package is a requirement, but it also seems easier to find, since you can just visually look for the low-range toggle.

It seems that for $20-30k I should be able to find a good LR4 with less than 100k miles. The mpgs between the two power trains seem pretty equal too. I actually have my own garage now, and would get a GAP tool as well.


What do you guys think?

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