80s influenced synth-wave music is coming back around. I had this album blaring in my car on the cruise into work. The grand rapids skyline to my left, and a Focus ST and a GTI keeping me company as fellow hot hatches, it’s like the 80s never left. Everyone should chec this stuff out. It’s highly underrated driving music.

I felt like a character in an 80s detective show. I was no longer “themanwithsauce”. I was Zeke Wrangler: Private Eye. And then that took on a life of its own in my head until it became a full on show pitch.

The top of his class at the police academy, Zeke took the fall for his best friend in a drug raid gone bad. Throwing away a promising job in a safe suburb, Zeke moves onward in pursuit of the truth! Looking for a change of pace, he decides to open up his own detective agency in a new city. Breaking into the seedy underbelly of street racing and counterfeit medical supplies, he’s cleaning up grand rapids one bad guy at a time! With his turbocharged hot hatch - the Fiesta ST, at his beck and call, he’s aided by his older brother Joe and his own Focus ST. But there’s a powerful gang of VW drivers in town known only as “The Westfalias”. Their nefarious leader, Klaus von Gassen and his GTI are looking to keep Zeke and co. at bay and rule the streets of this once fine city....

Apologies to the GTI driver.....nothing against you, but if this was an 80s action show you *would* be the bad guy.