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Feelings time.

So there was a post recently about turbos. And that's kind of brought up some mixed feelings for me. I know that I don't know every little thing about cars and how every little part works. I consider myself an enthusiast but sometimes I don't feel like I am because I don't know as much as I really think I do. I know I know a lot about cars compared to others, but I'm not trying to say I'm better than them. Sometimes I feel like I can't really call myself an enthusiast of cars like the air cooled 911's because I kind of understand how they work but don't really. I really do love cars, and really do enjoy being around them and learning about how they work which is why I consider my self an enthusiast. Sometimes I just don't know. I've learned a lot since joining the community here and will continue to.

Here's a smoky burnout from last weekend for having to listen to my confusing post.

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