Feels: Not how I wanted to start my weekend

Here's a Viper for your time. The feels are below.

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So, a bunch of my friends/co-workers are out in town tonight drinking. I was invited and was originally planning to go along. However, as night fell, I began to have second thoughts. Probably half an hour ago, one of them called and asked where I was, claiming they'd been telling stories about me to girls and what not. When I answered the phone, I sounded a little groggy, like I'd just woken up. He told them I had been asleep and was still in my room. To my annoyance, I heard the classic "Oooooh!" sort of call you'd expect from a bunch of guys drinking towards the end of happy hour. I replied "Yeah, don't care. Fuck you guys." and hung up.

I feel like I'm in the wrong for not going out with them and how I acted when they asked where I was. The truth is though, I find alcohol to be incredibly overrated. I like the occasional Sam Adam's or Corona, but that's it. I don't drink just for the sake of drinking and I like keeping money in my wallet. I also hate -HATE- that sort of social environment. Parties, bars- I don't see the "fun" in them. They're just incredibly awkward for me.


Sorry that was kind of long, I just had to try and get this feeling of guilt out of my head.

And yes, I see the irony of the beer advertisement in the picture.

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