Thanks to a certain post about a random 80's Delco radio, I remembered/realized I have a thing for 80's Buick coupes. My grandpa had a few early 90's Regals like this, and always kept them in great condition. He helped me buy my second car (my first is a story for another time), an 88 Buick Skylark coupe in gunmetal grey with sweet aluminum wheels, no sarcasm. Thing was perfect, had only 62k when I got it.

Just like Grandpa’s Regals
Just like Grandpa’s Regals

Grandpa upgraded to a Riviera after they introduced the then-new body style in 95. Had to be the nicest car anyone in my family ever had. He of course kept it pristine also. That car is still in the family today.


Unfortunately, he was taken from this world too early, almost 12 years ago. It was a tragic semi meets tractor accident. My whole family was absolutely devastated. He was an amazing person.

I think what draws me to 80's Buicks is my memories of Grandpa and my old Skylark. So here’s a link to my rabbit hole!

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